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Underworld Ascendant will be available through Turbine's popular Steam game distribution service, as well through a DRM-free download. To run through Steam, backers must either purchase the game on Steam, or retrieve an access key for their pledge.


The Steam Greenlight page for Underworld Ascendant was created as an effort to get Underworld into Steam Early Access. This is a great way to both reach a wider audience while at the same time offering our existing backers who use Steam a way to play Shroud in that ecosystem of friends, achievements, etc.

This will NOT be a replacement for direct download and play of Underworld, but instead it is an option. Players will still be able to directly download and play the game if they so wish. Backers can request Steam Keys to play the game on Steam so that they won’t have to repurchase the product on Steam.

In less than a week, Underworld Ascendant was Greenlit on Steam.[1]

Steam Access Keys[edit]

Steam Access
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It is not currently known how distribution of Steam keys will be handled.

Steam Early Access[edit]

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Steam Trading Cards, Badges and Inventory[edit]

Main article: Steam/Trading Cards

It is unknown if Underworld Ascendant will feature any trading cards, badges, emotes, or other Steam inventory items.

Steam Achievements[edit]

Main article: Steam/Achievements

It is unknown if Underworld Ascendant will feature any achievements.

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