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As a newly-undead Lich, protect your dungeon realm from brazen adventurers who attempt to rob your treasures and slay your precious monsters. As master of your domain, direct your monsters into the fray, place deadly traps, defenses and cast spells that help or hinder. Use strategy, brawn and trickery to thwart the heroes and preserve your subterranean rule.

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Underworld Overlord is an innovative VR action/strategy game, exclusively for Google’s Daydream platform.

Blending proven tower defense and “god game” simulation mechanics, Underworld Overlord immerses players in an incredible VR setting steeped in the fantastical Underworld mythos.

“Underworld Overlord is specifically tailored to the capabilities of the Daydream platform, developed by a team of VR and Android experts in close collaboration with Google,” says OtherSide creative director Paul Neurath. “It’s a stand-alone game, but connects to the upcoming Underworld Ascendant, sharing creatures, characters, and rich lore. The Underworld franchise has a history of pioneering immersive video games, so bringing it to VR is a natural fit.”

In Underworld Overlord, the player commands a dungeon full of monsters, traps and treasure, during an onslaught of so-called ‘heroic’ adventurers. Action takes place from a virtual ‘puppeteer’s’ perspective as the player pulls the strings, directing forces and building defenses in a dynamic VR environment.


The runic below the title spells out "Depths Waken".


Underworld Overlord is a hybrid action-strategy game. It has a strong tower defense vibe, but takes a unique, non-traditional approach to the conventional mechanics. So, instead of long columns of enemies beelining towards their goal along a pre-determined path, our antagonists (the “heroes”) amble into an unexplored dungeon, totally unaware of their objective’s location. As such, they must spend time carefully searching the chamber while the player attempts to distract, misdirect or lure them into a deadly ambush.


Main article: Advancement

Reign over your VR dungeon. Rise in rank… Become an Arch Lich. Player are scored based on remaining animus health, as well as each monster that perishes in combat. This offers a nuanced and challenging approach to earning skulls and encourages experimentation. Expect some tense final waves and last ditch fireballs to get that third skull.


Main article: Spells

Be a bane to your foes with powerful spells such as Fireball, Create Skeleton, Shield and Swarm of Flies.


Main article: Traps

Lay all manner of defenses to harm Heroes and help Monsters, from Spike Traps and Tar Pits to a Healing Brew that magically mends your nearby beloved horrors.


Main article: Monsters

Direct an amazing array of creatures, from Skeleton warriors and Lizard Men archers to the terrifying Mind Crippler and awesome Fire Elemental.


Main article: Heroes

Defend your Virtual Reality dungeon against an onslaught of so-called “heroes”.


Main article: Locations

Warp from point-to-point, surveying amazing VR dungeon-scapes, through a vast campaign, spanning a variety of locales from the fabled Stygian Abyss.


Underworld Overlord was released December 8, 2016 on Google Play, exclusively for the Google Daydream.

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"The graphics and humor are fun, and the mechanics are what you’d expect from a good tower defense game. Negotiating the environments in VR is actually pretty great, and again the Daydream controller shines in this kind of gameplay." - TechCrunch

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