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A Wiki Encyclopedia for OtherSide Entertainment's Underworld Ascendant and Underworld Overlord titles   There are currently 1,041 pages and 213 articles by 5 people.
Underworld Ascendant News   Featured Content
Underworld Ascendant has been successfully funded on Kickstarter! Have you become a backer yet?

Underworld Ascendant was greenlit on Steam in less than a week! Although it will still be available as a direct download, and on physical media, Steam allows players to connect socially and share their achievements in the game.

We have unlocked the Localization and Lich stretch goal and are now working on the Necropolis of the Ancients stretch goal.

System Shock 3!

The Austin-based team at OtherSide Entertainment, under the direction of Warren Spector, are working on System Shock 3.

Underworld Overlord Released!

OtherSide's VR team released their first game, Underworld Overlord — an innovative action/strategy hybrid, made exclusively for the Daydream Virtual Reality platform by Google.

“Be the bad guy” as a newly-undead Lich and protect your VR dungeon realm against an onslaught of brazen adventurers. Place deadly traps, cast powerful spells, and command horrible monsters to thwart these so-called “heroes” and preserve your subterranean rule.

  Frequently Viewed Articles: Release Date · Patch Notes · Bestiary · Equipment · Factions · Archetypes · Development Team · #IAmTheAvatar · FAQs · Updates · Stretch Goals · Add-Ons · Backer articles for each tier!
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